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Three steps to Google’s world domination

December 15th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments
  1. Create this new what-are-my-friends-sharing feature, Robert Scoble is so fond of, stripping LiveJournal of one of their benefits en passant (Friends’ Feed). At this point Google and LiveJournal, as just about any social platform, are closed up silos.
  2. Open up Google Reader (and thus Google Account) for anyone with an e-mail address, not just @gmail.com, thus making all of my non-googlified friends willing to use Google Reader now appear in my reading list (one more point for Google as opposed to LiveJournal) and enable anyone not willing to get a Google account to get a blog at Blogger (there you are, LJ, you are actually obsolete now). Google would be halfway-open now, since anyone can use their services without opting in for a Google Account.
  3. Convert Google Account to a full-fledged single-identity account (technically very challenging). Et voilĂ !

By the way, it’s actually creating a social network “that sucks less”™, since you already have messaging and IM, and you get to choose your friends according to what they do and what they like, not according to what they look like. Could be really interesting if Google adds a small text under each Google Reader article: “Shared by XX people”. Oh well, we’d need comments too, but it’s a good start.

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